Event Safety


The safety of riders and the public is a priority of this event and we are working very hard with our partners to ensure this is done to maximize both safety and enjoyment on the day. We ask that everyone takes in the following info and put each of the points into practice on the day.

Be aware that event vehicles will be on the route to support the participants. These will consist of
1) Organisers lead/safety cars
2) Police cars
3) Police motor bikes
4) Organisers Moto Marshals
5) Broom wagon
6) Medical support- Rapid Response Vehicles & Ambulances
7) Mechanic support vehicles
8) VIP cars
9) Feed Station replenishment vehicles

All vehicles will be accredited by event organisers to access the event route. All these vehicles will only drive in the direction of the event route and never oncoming towards riders.

Please be aware that in the case of an emergency either within the event or in a location close to the event, emergency services will access the route. This may result in oncoming emergency vehicles approaching the participants in counter flow to the event route. In this case we will relay information to participants via Static marshals on the road, event moto marshals and PSNI. Please follow normal procedures by pulling over and stopping on the left hand side to allow emergency vehicles safe passage.

In the case of an accident to a participant on the route please follow the instructions below if you wish to access medical attention.

1) Emergency phone number + 44 (0) 787 055 7528 that will give you access to event controllers which will divert medical attention to your location
2) Speak to a nearby static marshal to request medical attention
3) Flag down an event vehicle or moto marshall to request assistance
4) Use the Gran Fondo App “Rider Assistance” button to call for assistance

Each participant is obliged to fill out medical information that will be on the rear side of your registration number which you will wear on the day, Please fill this out with the requested detail as this is obligatory for each participant of the event. In the case of an emergency this information will be used by the relevant authorities. You will receive this number on Saturday’s registration and we ask that you fill out all the required fields before Sunday’s start.