Road Closures

Road Closures and Traffic Management for the 2017 event can be reviewed below. 

Road Closures & Traffic Management

The Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia Northern Ireland is unique in that it will be run on policed closed roads, similar to that which the professionals enjoyed during the Giro d’Italia. For this to be enforced we require a large-scale operation between the event staff, the PSNI and the hundreds of volunteers who will be marshalling along the route. We have also been working hard with each of the local authorities the route passes to make the public aware of such closures and the potential disturbance this may cause. The management of the logistics has been worked on extensively to allow the competitors to enjoy a closed road experience.

The effect of road closures on the public who live on the route along with places of worship and businesses will mean that they will have limited access during the times the closures will be enforced, for this reason, we have developed different timings to which zones on the route will be closed and open. If you fall outside of these times within a certain zone you will be on an open road where you MUST ride as per rule of law when cycling. You will be made aware of road openings by the event support vehicles that will indicate you are now outside of a closed road bubble.

For those riders who fall outside of the closed road times, you will continue to be supported by event support vehicles, medical support and PSNI assistance. We ask you to be aware of the road timings and locations in which they will be open and closed.

We would like to remind all participants of the impact road closures have on local communities, places of worships and business that are affected by the route. With the generous support given to the Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia Northern Ireland by the wider public, we are grateful to be able to host such an event on closed roads. We must also be aware that road closures are not open-ended, with the support of local agencies and authorities we must do all we can to reduce the impact on local residents so to enable us to host such events in the future. 
Ride Safe.

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